If Youre Feeling Sinister

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Eigentlich sollte das Leben sich ja so anfühlen wie Belle & Sebastian klingen. Pitchfork hat jetzt eine Dokumentation über ihr Album "If Your're Feeling Sinister" bei Youtube hochgeladen.

As part of the "Pitchfork Classic" series, which explores the making of important albums, Pitchfork.tv today presents an hour-long documentary on Belle and Sebastian's 1996 album If You're Feeling Sinister.
For the film, Pitchfork.tv interviewed every member of the band that played on the album. They tell the story of how it all came together, from Stuart Murdoch's debilitating illness, to plucking Stevie Jackson out of another local band, to Murdoch meeting Isobel Campbell while she was drunk at a party. The film features archival photos and videos from the band's early days.